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Discount WWE: Live - Summerslam Heatwave Tour Tickets on July 17, 2016 in Augusta, Georgia For Sale

Type: Tickets & Traveling, For Sale - Private.

WWE: Live - Summerslam Heatwave Tour Tickets
Augusta Civic Center - ME
Augusta, ME
July 17, xxxx
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" Shall we ask for Police protection?'' Ronald asked. " Police protection? Are you nuts? What we are going to tell them? That we killed a girl, sorry, it won't happen again, please protect us?" Christopher said ridiculously. "All that stuff comes afterwards. Now the issue is to protect ourselves, you know" Ronald said. " But going to the police and asking for protection...It's risky-" Christopher seemed to be reluctant. "Just leave it to me." Ronald said confidently, cutting him off in between. Sam was sitting around, drowned in his own thoughts. Jeff, his team member, came into his office. "Sir, I have an idea. You know, how the killer must be entering and leaving the crime scene." The detective cocked his head at Jeff. Jeff went out of the door and closed door from that side. "Look now" he said loudly, so that his boss could hear. Sam could see the latch of the door started moving slowly. He looked on, surprised. The latch moved slowly and the door got locked. "Sir, did you see that?" Jeff's voice came from outside. The latch of the door then started moving from the other side slowly and the latch became unlocked. Sam looked amazed. Jeff opened the door and came in, hiding something in his hands. " How did you do that?" Sam asked, bewildered. Jeff disclosed a huge magnet from his behind and held it in front of Jeff. "It's the power of this magnet" Jeff said. Sam looked at the magnet and then at the latch, which was made up of iron. "Jeff, for your information, the latches at the crime scene were made up of aluminum" Sam said. "Oh, it was aluminum. That doesn't matter; I have got solution for that too" Jeff said, realizing something.
Sam looked at him dubiously. Jeff removed a stone necklace from his neck and broke it. He collected all of the stones in his one hand and pulled behind a nylon thread. He pocketed the stones in his other hand. Now, he held a nylon thread in his hand. Sam was looking at him with confusion. "Now, look at the second trick. Just come with me" Jeff said. Sam followed him. Jeff went to the door and inserted a nylon thread into the latch hole. He held the nylon thread ends in both hands and said "Please, go out of the door." Sam followed his instructions. Jeff also went out of the door, holding the thread ends and closed door from that side. The door was closed and the thread, which was still in Jeff's hands, was attached to latch through the miniature slit between the doors. Jeff slowly pulled the nylon thread with both hands. He then released the one end and pulled the thread with his other hand. The complete thread came out, which was now in his hand. "Now, try to open the door." Jeff insisted Sam. Sam pushed the door. The door was latched form inside. Astonished, Sam stared at him. "Now I am sure." Sam said. "About what?" Jeff asked. "What you must have been before you joined the police force" Sam said jokingly. Both of them smiled. "But tell me one thing'' Sam asked. Jeff looked at him quizzically. " What if the door is locked with a key from the inside?" Sam asked. " Then there must not be any way to open it. Other than..." Jeff didn't finish his sentence, scared at it's ludicrousness. "Other than what?'' Sam asked. " Other than some ghostly powers" Jeff concluded. In the conference room, there was a meeting.
On the wall, a white screen was hung. The layout of two houses, side by side, appeared on the screen from the projector. Using a red laser pointer, Sam was explaining. . . "Mr. Parker and Mr. Anderson . . ." Sam started. Christopher and Ronald were listening carefully. "These are the spots in your houses, where the cameras will be fixed. In the bedroom, there will be three cameras and in the rest of the house, there will be three more cameras fixed at different places. These cameras will be connected to a circuit TV where our surveillance team will be continuously monitoring the activities in your houses" Sam was outlining. Christopher, under his breath, murmured in Ronald's ear, "Do you think it's going to work?" Ronald looked at Christopher and without responding to him asked Sam, "What if the killer stays away from the cameras?" "Gentlemen, we've installed moving cameras therefore your whole house will be under the cameras view. Let me assure you that this is the most effective trap we have arranged for the killer. The killer cannot escape if he tries to intrude. Literally, our technical staff have taken all of the necessary steps to design this surveillance arrangement." Sam tried to clear their doubt. "What you are going to do with the killer after you catch him?" Christopher asked. " He will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law" Sam assured them. "What if they escape?" Christopher then asked. "Like the people who killed that innocent woman, Nancy?" One of the officers sitting in the audience said, smiling ludicrously. Christopher and Ronald threw piercing looks at the officer.
" So, in your eyes, we are already guilty" Ronald said furiously to the officer. " Despite the fact that we haven't been found guilty in a court of law" Christopher warned him. "Mr. Parker, easy! Let's not beat around the bush. Right now, the issue is how to protect you. Whether you are guilty or not isn't the issue" Sam tried to calm them. " You just concentrate on our security right now. Everything else will be taken care of later on" Christopher said in a commanding voice, staring particularly at the police officer who tried to provoke them. In fact, the police officer was actually included in the team to protect Christopher and Ronald. He hadn't liked it. Sam also gestured the police officer to calm down. Yet, he was so irritated that he left the hall. As he left, the atmosphere in the hall calmed down, for the time being. Sam continued to further explain his scheme. Christopher and Ronald were still doubtful about the police; whether they were capable of protecting them or not. However, at this moment in time, they didn't have any other alternative other than to rely on them. In the police station, a man was sitting across from Sam's empty chair. The detective then rushed in and occupied it. "So, you have information about the case?" Sam asked. " Yes, sir." the man said. Sam looked at him and waited for him to speak further. "Actually, in my neighbourhood, Nancy's brother, George, lives." The man started to narrate the story... ... In a small colony, there was a house: a highly ventilated house. The things going on inside were visible for the rest of the neighbourhood. A man sitting in the foyer could be seen from the window.